Frequently Asked Questions about Irrigation Services

I already have an established lawn, do you have to dig trenches in my lawn to install an underground system?

Absolutely not! We are the only company in North Alabama that installs trenchless irrigation systems. Our equipment installs pipe without destroying the lawn!

How long does it take to install a system?

We can install an average size system in as little as 1 day.

Can you repair problems with my existing system?

Absolutely yes! We can repair or upgrade most any type of existing system you may have.

How do I pay for my services with Superior?

For your convenience we offer every option available from prepay (with discounts) to online bill pay. You can also pay by check or bank draft. If you elect not to prepay, your “assigned specialist” will leave your invoice with every visit. This is also how they will communicate any specific things they feel you need you to know if you aren’t home during each service.

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How to Improve Your Irrigation System

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Prepping your yard for Spring

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Trenchless Irrigation System Installation

Get an underground sprinkler system installed without the mess and damage to your lawn.