Maintenance & Repair

Superior Irrigation: Maintenance & Repair

Your Alabama home or business lawn is one of your most significant exterior property investments, making it vital to care for your lawn, grass, and gardens properly. A Superior Irrigation trenchless irrigation system provides long-term protection to your property, guarding against our region’s high heat, drought conditions, and weather patterns. However, much like our vehicles, every sprinkler system requires regular attention, care, and adjustments to ensure it’s
ready to work hard for you when you need it. Poor pressurization, crooked sprinkler heads, and even the occasional mowing “mishap” can hinder the performance of your system, risking the health and strength of your lawn and landscapes.

We Can Keep Your Irrigation Systems Running At Maximum Capacity

If it’s been awhile since you’ve given your automated watering system the care it deserves, Superior Irrigation can help. We specialize in a multitude of irrigation maintenance and repair services for residential and commercial clients in Huntsville and the surrounding region. Our trained, skilled, and professional irrigation technicians evaluate the functionality of your irrigation system to identify any required adjustments and recalibrations. Superior Irrigation’s maintenance and repair process can help keep your systems operating at maximum capacity all year round!

Superior Irrigation: Our Full Menu Of Services And Capabilities

Superior Irrigation specializes in the installation, repair, and maintenance of trenchless sprinkler systems for Alabama home and business owners. We deliver a full suite of capabilities, such as:

  • Identifying and repairing leaks
  • Testing and setting controllers
  • Replacing faulty valves and parts
  • Adding sprinkler heads or emitters
  • Adjusting water direction and flow
  • Raising, lower, or replace sprinkler heads
  • Augmenting layout with additional zones

Don’t have a Superior Irrigation trenchless install? Not a problem. Our qualified professionals can repair any system you may have.

Start Up Irrigation Maintenance Solutions

Superior Irrigation year-round maintenance program includes:

Start-Up Services

Superior’s professionals arrive onsite to assess the current condition of your system and ensure
it’s ready to hydrate your lawn and protect your landscapes against the high temperatures of the
upcoming season. Our start-up maintenance checklist includes:

  • Priming the waterline
  • Evaluating water supply/pressure
  • Testing individual zones
  • Assessing controller performance
  • Clearing buildup debris

Superior will also test for leaks and recalibrate lawn sprinklers to maximize growing results.

Winterization Services

Once the growing season is over, Superior Irrigation will properly shut down your system before the cooler weather hits us. Our winterization services include:

  • Draining waterlines
  • Blowing out sprinkler heads and values
  • Final system evaluation

Superior will shut down your irrigation system for the winter to prevent pipes from freezing, leaking, and even bursting.

Routine Maintenance

Sometimes your irrigation system just needs a little routine TLC. We got you. Superior Irrigation can perform scheduled maintenance spot checks to ensure everything is functioning properly. If we do find an issue, our technicians will use top quality materials and the very latest innovations to repair your system as quickly as possible. No low-grade parts, no cutting corners ever. That’s the Superior Irrigation guarantee!

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We Stand Behind Our Work

At Superior Irrigation, we stand behind our work. We offer a 100% guarantee on every service we provide, including our residential and commercial installations. Want to hear more? Contact the Superior team today!

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